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“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.  A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” — Ecclesiastes 4:12

The Nourishment Center is proud to offer The Trinity Program for patients who wish to add elements of faith and spirituality into their treatment and recovery plan.

An eating disorder thrives in isolation.  God has designed humans to live and thrive in community with Him and other Christians.  Any two-person relationship should include the Holy Spirit, making it a Christ-centered relationship.  The Trinity Program incorporates this principle into eating disorder treatment.

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Let the Healer Heal

The nondenominational Trinity Program encourages patients to connect with God’s grace, compassion, mercy and power along their journey.  The program infuses opportunities to reunite and deepen patients’ association with faith into recovery goals and the overall value system.

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Spiritual Guidance. Clinical Support.

Patients entering The Trinity Program receive the same professional, evidence-based treatment as all Nourishment Center patients. Patients are placed with a therapist and dietitian specialized in offering faith-based, evidence based services. Distinctively Christian Counseling incorporates prayer and scripture into sessions, as well as utilizes tools intended to encourage patients to dive deeper into their knowledge, understanding and relationship with God. Clinicians specialize in integrating faith and values into sessions while addressing spiritual wounds and conflicts in the healing process.

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Bring a Spiritual Leader

Patients are encouraged to participate in The Trinity Program support group (Christian Support Group) in order to connect with others in a devotional/Bible study structured environment.
Patients may opt to invite their  priest, minister, pastor, Stephen Minister, or other pastoral or peer counselor to support sessions in order to pray with them and also to better equip their faith support system.
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A Note From Our Clinical Director

I am a graduate of Liberty University where I obtained my Masters Degree in Professional Counseling in a Christian Counseling program.  During my time at Liberty, I not only gained an understanding of how to practice from a faith based perspective but also experienced the most profound deepening of personal knowledge and communion with God outside of any denominational structure.  I have dedicated my career in practice to working in traditional or secular counseling environments with Christian Counseling as an option.  When I founded the Nourishment Center, I followed that pattern and will continue to provide that inclusive model of service to the community,   The Trinity Program is inspired by my trusted colleagues reminding me that distinctly Christian services are a dire need in this outpatient field and I am beyond excited to see the 2022 birth of Trinity and the opportunity to bring my clinical foundation into this practice.

Wendy M. Pierce MA, LPC, NBCC

Clinical Director